Why was this SEO guide written?

This was written to give you, the reader, a guide of SEO techniques. They are things you can use to help your website ranking and get more traffic. We will look at everything from schema.org to mobile marketing and improving the speed of the site. We will also help you make your website more visible to people that are searching the internet.

Who Will This Guide Help?

If you want to know more about SEO and SEO services, this is a good place to start. If you know the basics of SEO like tag writing, and link building, and data research than this guide can help you. Everyone that is looking to take their web business to the next level can benefit from this guide. This includes bloggers, business owners, e-commerce companies, and marketers. You can find out some different things you can do to improve traffic flow to your website.

How Much Should I Read?


I would say you should read this entire guide. While every section may not apply to you, there is information that can be helpful. While the techniques are broken down into smaller parts understanding the big picture is important. The guide will help you get a better understanding of how everything works together when looking for an internet following.




Even if you post the best content in the world, it will not help anything if no one can find your site. Search engines may not be of too much help. You need to learn to view your website the way a search engine does. You can then make changes to get a higher ranking. The higher the site is ranked, the more likely people are to click on it.

Speed and Performance

Google only take site speed into 1% of their considerations. Many users favour fast responses. A page load time improvement will help you increase rankings. A fast response will also help index your site. You can learn how to improve speed and performance.

New Searches

SEO is changing on a daily basis. It is more involved than just tags. People relate sites to real world experiences. Read this to fully understand what people are looking for nowadays.


Many websites are built using WordPress. Many people can understand the basic features, but we are going to take things to the next level. You will find details on how to set up the sit for SEO and plugins, improve performance, and create custom pages.

Advance Data Results

What makes SEO unique and fun is that we are almost playing web detective. We have t o find data from different places no matter what. There are some ways to make this easier. We are going to talk about this and you can read the step by step process.

Searching Keywords

Many people have heard of adwords and other search engine tools. That is what this section of the guide will cover. Google uses other tools for keywords and search suggest, internal searches, and additional features.

Link Building Using Content

Since Penguin and Panda were designed it is harder and harder to link content using directories, emails, commenting, and other ways to blog networks together. This section will help you learn how to build some solid content that is valuable to visitors and will keep people interesting in visiting the site multiple times.

Techniques for Link Building

Once you have valuable content on the webpage there are still other techniques that will help you get your content out there. You can get people back in line and back to visiting your web page. This section will cover this information and help you start building link content. You will receive help creating a name for your webpage as well as understanding and using IFTTT alerts and much more.


Search Verticals

You may learn how to improve your ranking for your posts and your products. What about adding pictures to your page? What will assist with mobile searches? What will help a person that is looking to perform local searches? I have some techniques that will assist you with this and will help improve your site performance on the internet and help your webpages be more visible to the consumers.