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Google AdWords – Setting up Your Campaign With Confidence

Now, this part’s great because this is where the rubber hits the road.  This is the part where we actually will set up and launch our campaign to get us one cent clicks, and those clicks are going to come fast.

As soon as your campaign gets approved, don’t be surprised if you get a few hundred even a few thousand clicks that dayy, so be ready for that traffic.

The first step though to getting our campaign set up is getting 2,000 keywords.  Once you have one banner ad in every size Google allows, like we talked about and once your landing page is properly setup, the last thing you need to get are 2,000 keywords.

Now, 2,000 is not some magic number, it is the maximum number of keywords that Google will allow for a single ad group, and so, that’s what we want, around 2,000 or so. It’s important to understand though, that things that apply to the search network, things like quality score, things like doing intense keyword research, with really expensive software.  Those things don’t really apply to our strategy.


adwords setting campaign

Just like Yoda said, you have to kind of, unlearn what you have learned.  Forget about all that stuff for now because it does not apply to Display Network.

By advertising on the display network, we bypass all that stuff.  We bypass the need for intensive keyword research.  We bypass the need to having a tweeker on the landing page for hours and hours to try to get a good quality score.  None of that stuff applies to us, so don’t worry about it.


adwords settings a


Our strategy is accuracy by volume. By having lots of keywords we ensure that our ads will show on relevant pages all over the internet. If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say things like quality score, when I say things like keyword research, don’t worry about it at all and if you do know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it at all.

I am just clearing this up now because I get emails from people, saying, “What about quality score, what about this?”  You don’t have to worry about any of that stuff, just follow the directions in here and you’ll be good to go, to get hundreds of one cent clicks day after day. Just make sure you follow the directions exactly.

Our first stop is Google’s Keyword Research Tool.  Here’s how you get there.  Once you are inside the AdWords interface, there is a tab at the top that says reporting and tools.  So just click that tab on the top navigation bar inside AdWords that says reporting and tools, then the dropdown menu is going to appear and select keyword tool from the dropdown menu. That’s going to pull up the keyword tool, and now I’m going to tell you how to get 1,500 to 2,000 keywords in next few minutes.


It will be quick and dirty keyword research. You don’t need to spend hours and hours researching keywords and trying to find those little nuggets of gold.  That’s important if your focus is SEO. That’s important, if your focus is the search network. That’s not what we are doing here, what we are doing is quick and dirty. We want a bunch of keywords because we want as many people as possible who are interested in our niche to see those ads.  That’s it. That’s all we need to do.

If you happen to have an expensive keyword program like Market Samurai or something like that, by all means use it but it’s not necessary at all for this method. I don’t use them. I do all my keyword generation right here on Google keyword tool. It worked out really well for me so far and I’m sure it will work out well for you too.

All we have to do once we are inside the keyword tool is this.  As default we have: locations- United States, language- English and that’s kind of a default that comes selected. I am going to go ahead and click this little x next to United States and that’s going to change locations to all. That’s what we want, we want all locations.

Now, all we have to do is go into this word or phrase box and just type in ten or fifteen keywords that are related to our niche.  We can do this just off the top of our heads.

Let’s say we are doing the internet marketing niche, we’ll go ahead and type in internet marketing, make money online, entrepreneur, PayPal, Clickbank,, make money, start business, business, online business,  ecommerce, Amazon and then maybe earn money online.  Just type some basics.  Now we are going to go ahead and hit search. It takes the keyword tool just a little while to do its thing.


Now, the first box up here is the search terms we typed in.  We don’t need to worry about that one for right now.  We want to scroll down to the second box, that’s keyword ideas.  If you notice, Google has already given us 800 keyword ideas that we can use for our campaign, so this is what we want.


Go ahead and click this little box next to the keyword and that’s going to select everything there. Scroll-up a bit and click where it says download, hit all and hit CSV for excel.  If you don’t have excel, there’s a couple other formats there you can use but I’m just going to go ahead and do it in excel because that’s the easiest thing to do. Go ahead and open it in Microsoft Excel, and there it is.


Now, everything in column A is our keywords.  Don’t touch this at all, don’t resize anything, and don’t do anything to this, just leave it the way it is. Go ahead and click the letter A and that’s going to select everything in that column.  Click ctrl C; go back to the keyword tool.  Select everything here and just go ahead and delete this and press ctrl V to paste those keywords back into the keyword tool.  We are not so much going to use the first one hundred keywords but it doesn’t matter.


I’ll just let it go ahead and search again and then boom, we have another 800 keywords.  We are just going to repeat the exact, same thing again.  Click on this box next to keyword, go back up, go to download, click all, download the CSV for excel. Until we reach 2000 keywords.


Now we have a list as let’s say, of 2,500 keywords but I’m sure that a lot of those are going to be duplicates.  What we are going to do is scroll all the way up to the top of this column here.  Click on the A to select everything in column A, that’s all of our keywords.


Go to the data tab, and then hit remove duplicates.  It’s going to say, expand the selection or continue with the current selection. Just go into continue with the current selection.  Hit remove duplicates, make sure Column A is selected. Hit ok. Now, we went ahead and got rid of 908 duplicates, leaving us with 1652unique values, and honestly, that should be enough.  If you want to do this a couple more times and go all the way up to 2,000, that’s more than fine, but these 1,600 should be great.  Now, all you want to do is grab everything in Column A, by shift clicking.  Copy one last time, open up something like a notepad and just copy, and paste that whole keyword list in there.


Now we have a big list of keywords for our campaign. Now we’re ready to go ahead set up our campaign. Now that we’ve got our keywords, we’re ready to set up our campaign.

The first thing you should do is in the Google AdWords interface click new campaign. Then on the next screen is where we set up our campaign settings. The first setting is to name the campaign – anything that you want.

Then right under the locations area, you want to make sure that all countries and territories tab is selected. After that, make sure that English is selected as your language.

So that takes care of that part. Now, scroll down the page a little bit and the next part you’ll see is the network and devices menu.  So this is defaulted to the “all available sites button”, but you are going to click something else instead. You are going to click, “let me choose”.  Then, the search and display menu is going to open up and by default all of those things are clicked.  You want to make sure that you uncheck, so de-select Google search and make sure that just the display network is selected

You can leave devices as it is. You don’t have to worry about anything else on this page.  All you have to do is click let me choose and de-select Google search.

Scroll down the page a little bit more and you’ll see a blank space for you to set your daily budget. Now you can set this to anything that you are comfortable with, $10 a day to $100 a day, whatever you want.

I usually find about ten bucks a day is fine to start.  That is enough to get hundreds of clicks a day and you should definitely be within everybody’s budget so, I that’s what I would go with if I were you.  You are more than welcome to go higher.

Now, once that’s done, all you have to do is hit save and continue.  You don’t have to worry about any of these other options.  That’s all that you need to do.

Now, on the next screen is going to prompt you to create your first ad group.  The first thing you need to do is give your ad group a name and you can name it anything you want.

Then it’s going to ask you to create an ad and it’s going to give you several options, text ad, image ad, display ad, video ad and on and on.  You want to select image ad because that’s going to use the banners that we just created.

The next thing is keywords, as you scroll down the page, you will see a giant blank space where it will ask you to put in your keyword.

Now, this is where you paste your list of keywords into the box.  Further down the page, you set your CPC bids. Set them to one penny each, that’s key.  Hit save ad group after that.

Next, you’ll be taken to a screen to upload your banner ads.  Click browse to find the banner ads on your hard drive and then you can name them whatever you want.  The display url, this is important.  The display url must be the same domain as your landing page.

The destination url is the exact page you want the customer to end up on.  So, for example you want the customer to go to and that’s your landing page. So, that’s what you set the destination url to be, the destination url.

The display url could just be, so the domain name is absolutely fine there.

So the destination url is the exact page you want them to go to, with all tracking ideas, whatever else you want them to put on there.  That’s the exact url your customer goes to.  The display url is just a domain, so that’s a nice pretty url that you want them to go to.

In other words, if you are linking to a video on YouTube, the destination url would be and all the stuff that comes afterwards.  The display url would just be and that’s absolutely fine.


After that, you go ahead and hit save.  Now, once you upload your first ad size, be sure to upload all the other ad sizes as well.  To do this, once you’ve saved your ads, click on the ads tab, then click new ad and then select image ad from the drop down menu.

You don’t need to create a whole new ad group yet, just a new ad within the ad group that you’ve already made.  That’s it.  Once you upload all your ads in all your ad sizes, your ads will be submitted for approval.


In the next part, we’ll talk about Google ad approval process, how does it work and how to get your ads approved even faster.