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Conversion Optimization And Tracking Visitors Behavior

To start, we suggest tracking the following events. Some of them are basics and some of them are good for deeper analysis. These metrics can be found in most of the common website analytics tools like Google Analytics.

Click event

that event is triggered when the user clicks on a link or button you’ve specified, for instance on a CTA (Call To Action). This is one of the most important metric when it comes to optimizing your website. It shows that the page you show to your visitors is good enough to convince them to continue to another piece of content or your offer is good enough to incite a purchase.

View event:

the step before click event happens. Does the visitor view the exact content you planned to show them or they’ve bounced before it? Maybe the product or offer is good, but they simply do not get there.

Play, pause, watch to end event

The useful aspect of watch event is if you have video content on your site. With these event set up, you can see how much of your visitors play and watch your content and how long they watch it. All of these events can be followed by triggered activities for your marketing machine like after visiting a specific page of your site you will show a special offer for the visitor or after watching your video fully you can show the second part of that video series.

Scroll tracking

It’s another useful feature that can provide you with valuable data about the structure of a page. If the user does not click on your CTA at the bottom of your page (click event) then you can have an overview to see the why. That’s the moment when scroll tracking comes into the picture. If your CTA is below the fold, you can track how many of your visitors saw that CTA. If just a few of them, then you’ll have to work on your above the fold content. If they scroll down and see the CTA then the issue is probably with the CTA itself, the content around it or maybe the offer you provided. So scroll tracking is vital when it comes to conversion optimization.

Add to cart

Almost the final step to make your life happier. Users choose a product that they want to buy so the product lands in their shopping cart. That’s a really important moment because you’ve broken through the mental barrier of distrust. Tracking this event also brings you the opportunity to test your checkout process. The product is in the cart, but nothing happens? That’s a sign of something funky going on in your checkout flow.

Abandoned Cart

Maybe there is a bug in the form you show, or it’s hard to understand, or you want to get too much data and that will discourage the user. Also, you have the opportunity to re-advertise the products they have in their cart and incite them to finish the purchase – and that works.

Buy event

This is the soul of your online business. If you can track your conversions, you can devise 1) best practice user flows that will help you convert better, 2) you will have data about your clients so you can find a similar audience to reach out or you can cross or upsell your other products to your existing customers. Taking care of your existing customers is key to long-term success.

With these events tracked, you will have a really precise view of your site and you will have the ability to research, optimize your website, and valuable input for your marketing funnel development.