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Tailored Digital Marketing Solutions

For Enterprise, SMB, and you!

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Search Engine Optimization

From small business owners to CEOs, to your local mom-and-pop shops we’re continuing to leave a trail of success where ever we go.

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Customized Packages

We can identify quick, targeted customized solutions and strategic, operational improvements.

Data-Driven Internet Marketing

Data is a key component in driving decisions when it comes to consumer behavior and marketing strategies.

Data-Driven Marketing Tactic #1:


Use demographic data in your campaign planning

Data-Driven Marketing Tactic #2:

Use PPC to get more from your email list

Increase the likelihood of your message being noticed. Year after year, studies report that email, in terms of marketing channels, delivers the highest ROI.

Finding the right data and KPIs

The most effective KPIs to look at are traffic, engagement rates and conversions. We determine a timeline for when you will reevaluate and optimize the performance of the strategy.


Who are our clients

We do the JOB over and over and over again. There is no magic bullet – IT’S HARD WORK.


A few facts about us

Passionate professional SEO & SEM Pros. We’re dedicated to accuracy, timeliness, and service. 

Our digital marketing strategy is natural, it’s designed in accordance with Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We prioritize  Page Quality Guidelines from Google.

We’re Google Partner Search Certified –

As the founder of The Mercen digital marketing agency established to address the ever-changing digital needs of online businesses.

Starting out as a freelancer providing digital marketing to mainly SMEs, I’ve come a long since 2007 when I started.

I still work with the same aim of providing effective yet affordable digital marketing options- we just offer a lot more of them!

From SEO and PPC to website services, and content creation. My approach is driven by a desire to achieve results, despite the competition now present on the Internet.

I am proud to provide marketing solutions for some of the largest brands in the country as well as small to medium local companies too.

With so many other organizations striving for their place online though, it can be difficult to decide whom to please, search engines or people? I believe it’s possible, and in fact essential, to do both. All the work I carry out is defined by this belief and I go above and beyond to find a solution that’s ideal for your business.

Stop Guessing - Get Improved

Stop guessing how much money you should and actually do spend on your marketing strategies.

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