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Essential Free SEO Tools

As Google is still the most used search engine it is no surprise that it can determine, which websites get the best SEO results. Google even determines whether or not to ban websites that fall foul of its rules for Panda, Penguin, or Hummingbird. Those that are not banned can be penalized in other ways. It is no wonder that Matt Cutts of Google has people who want to hit him.

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So Google has a great deal of power over the websites it approves and rejects. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to achieve any SEO at all if Google blocks your website. However, if you know where there are tools out there to keep Google happy with your website and allow you to boost SEO at the same time. Many of these tools and software even have the bonus of being free.
Keyword Research is vital


Basically for the best SEO you need the right keywords. People make the mistake of not having a tool, or only using a single one. It is best to use different tools. Here are some of the better tools available to improve your keyword research:




– this tool offers limitless ideas from a massive database with over a trillion different searches,


YouTube Keyword Tool 

  • Update – YouTube Keyword Tool at has been killed by G00gle – Try Display planner instead

– do not make the mistake of thinking it is only for videos, as you can search for anything contained within YouTube


Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

– does exactly what it says it will let you know if you are using specific words too often so you can edit your website if necessary.


Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML


– converting Word documents to clean HTML means that more people will be able to read your website without having to have Word on their device.



copyscape free seo tool


copyscape premium seo tool


– although it is a plagiarism scanner, it will let you know if that great idea you have just had has been used by someone else, therefore avoiding potentially expensive copyright issues.



The URL Valet


– if you are not sure how to generate text or are feeling lazy this tool will do it for you.



The URL Valet


– after generating your Robots.txt run the checker to make that it all works properly, and that there are no issues concerning validity.



The URL Valet



– basically use this as a header checker to make sure your website is not using similar headers to those of others.



Image SEO Tool


– use this tool to pick the best images to boost your SEO.


The Schema Creator


– use this to create the best schema for you.


The Structured Data Testing Tool


– if you are not certain about the quality of your structured data, use this tool to check it.


XML Sitemap Generators


– for those thinking that XML sitemaps may be their best strategy this tool will generate them for you.


Pingdom Website Speed Tool


– perhaps you have tested your website and found it slow, or your visitors have let you know it is slow, this tool tests the speed of websites and identifies where the bottlenecks can be found.




– is a free debugging tool that tells you who has visited your site and it identifies their URLs.


The Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit


– this toolkit will suggest to you the SEO keywords that could work best for your website.


All of these tools will help you to learn about SEO and will hopefully ensure that you are using the most effective keywords suitable for your website.


There are some tools that will enable you to have a website of the highest quality with really effective SEO and keywords. These tools are all at my favorite price – free. These are the tools I have found to be most useful:


The GTmetrix Tool


– this examines page load time and suggests possible improvements, after all if users have better experiences on your websites compared to others then will come back to them.


The Web Developer Toolbar


– this is useful for the technical bits of any SEO audit.


The SEO Browser

– this browser shows you what your pages look like through a search engine if you do not like what you see then change it.

SEO Quake Toolbar

– a toolbar that provides data on traffic to your site, links and any social shares made.


The Screaming Frog SEO Spider


– a powerful tool for finding  is a small desktop program you can install locally on your PC, Mac or Linux machine which spiders websites’ links, images, CSS, script and apps from an SEO perspective




– with social media been vital to SEO success is helped with a platform for managing social media, HootSuite raises the chances of your new content being viewed on social media.


Majestic SEO


– if you are looking for a backlink analysis tool, then stop your search here, as you will not find a better one.


Google Trends

– this is really useful tool for marketers as it provides data regarding the biggest trends in searching on Google. That data can be used to adjust your keywords to make your SEO the most up to date.

– will provide thousands of great keywords taken from the autocomplete sections of the most popular search engines including like Google, Bing, and YouTube.

The Scream Frog

– a website crawler meant for SEO in particular, start using it and you are just minutes away from all URLs connected to your site.


– a suite of marketing tools including Moz Local, Open Site Explorer, and the Mozbar. Useful and you and you can adapt to your specific requirements.

The Google Search Console

– just about as much SEO data as you can handle once you have mastered how to use it.

The winner is Google Analytics

– currently the best supplier of high-quality SEO data around, it is awesome once you get used to it.